Covenant Upsets Glenforest!

It was a special night for the Eagles of Covenant Classical Christian School on Friday, February 4, 2011. The CCCS Varsity Boys basketball team took the court against the #1 ranked team in the State for Class A, the Glenforest Bulldogs. Coming off a 90-63 defeat to the Bulldogs on January 14th, the Eagles were not given much of chance to take this game. The truth of the matter is that the only people in the gym that night that believed the upset could happen were most likely the coaches and players. Fortunately, those were the only people that truly needed to believe, as Coach Peckham and the Eagles tallied one of the biggest wins in school history, 40-39, over Glenforest.

The game started off with a three-point basket from Glenforest 6’5 super-star, Josh Simmons. Josh is currently being recruited by several Division I & Division II colleges and universities. Then, down 3-0, Covenant decided to use a strategy that had never been used against the mighty Bulldogs. The Eagles literally held the ball and ran a “delay” offensive set. Covenant ran almost 2:00 minutes off the clock before hitting a big layup to cut the score to 3-2. The Eagles continued this strategy each offensive possession and by the end of the 1st quarter the scoreboard read Covenant 7 Glenforest 5.

The start of the 2nd quarter was played much of the same way as the Eagles took a 17-14 lead going into halftime. The crowds for both teams realized that this game was going to be a battle. Glenforest’s coach, William Knopf, made some adjustments to start the 3rd quarter and forced the Eagles into some crucial turnovers that lead to easy Glenforest baskets. However, going into the 4th quarter the Eagles maintained a 31-29 lead. David Golden was 3 for 3 from the three-point line for the game and seemed to always answer a Glenforest basket with a big shot of his own.

The excitement was building and the play of both teams during the 4th quarter would not let the fans down. With the Eagles up 38-36, Josh Simmons went to the free throw line with 20 seconds left in the game. After making the first free throw, Simmons missed the 2nd one and Will Gasaway got the rebound. Then it seemed as if the game had finally swung to the Bulldogs. With no timeouts left, Gasaway found himself getting trapped underneath his own basket. The ball was then tipped on an attempted pass to one of the Eagles and would you know it, Simmons came up with the turnover and quickly scored for the Bulldogs to give Glenforest a 39-38 lead. Covenant quickly inbounded the basketball to Emmanuel Bazemore with only 12 seconds remaining. It looked as if Bazemore had one thing on his mind and that was to get ball up the court and take it all the way to the basket. With 5.2 seconds left, Emmanuel banks in a tough angled and highly contested shot to give the Eagles a 40-39 lead. However, the Eagles have been in this situation before and everyone knew who would take the last shot for the Bulldogs. After Coach Knopf called a timeout, the Eagles set up there defense and attempted to double-team Josh Simmons as he approached half court. However, Josh split the 2 outstanding defenders for the Eagles, David Golden and Emmanuel Bazemore. As Simmons approached the lane with just a couple seconds remaining every coach and fan for the Eagles was holding their breath as Simmons released the shot from just inside the FT line. It was short, the ball hit off the front rim as the buzzer sounded and the Eagles fans, players, and coaches went crazy! Covenant had finally beaten Glenforest with Josh Simmons on the court!

The Eagles were lead in scoring by David Golden with 13 points. Jonathan Peckham played a huge role in the game and had 12 points and Emmanuel Bazmore had 11 points including the game winning basket. Nico Legaspi and Will Gasaway chipped in 2 points a piece, but came up with some big rebounds and steals for the Eagles. Josh Simmons scored 31 points in a losing effort for the Bulldogs. Covenant improves its record to 16-8 overall, as Glenforest drops to 21-4.

The Eagles have now clinched a share of the Regular Season Championship after finshing with a 5-1 record in the region. They will be in action on Thursday night in the SCISA Class A Region III Basketball Tournament hosted by Glenforest. Covenant will play the South Aiken Baptist Crusaders to advance to the championship game on Saturday night against the Glenforest Bulldogs. Please come out and support the Eagles as they make a run at the region championship and advance to the State Tournament. Go Eagles!!!

Post Written & Edited by: Coach Peckham

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Lindsey Moore

Here at Covenant Classical Christian School, this year we have had a new addition to our school’s staff. One of our newest staff additions is Mrs. Lindsey Moore, who is our marketing and admissions director.
I was able to sit down and have an interview with her; where she shared some of her thought and ideas regarding herself and Covenant Classical Christian School. Ultimately, her main goal is to help make Covenant grow further and prosper the school.
Below is the interview I had with Mrs. Lindsey Moore:
Me: What did you intend to do when you graduated from college?
Mrs. Moore: ” When I came out of college I wanted to teach children at history but not at in a school setting. What I really wanted to do is work at a museum or something of that nature where I could be able to teach history to children.”
Me: How did you find or come to Covenant?
Mrs. Moore: ” When i was younger, I went to preschool here at Covenant and i grew up in the neighborhood; which was a few blocks away. After going to get my second masters in teaching at Columbia International University, I felt the Lord calling me to teach at a Christian school. And after applying at many Christian schools I was able to receive a job at Covenant.”
Me: How did you feel about the visions of the school?
Mrs. Moore: “I am extremely excited about the new vision. I fell the Lord has blessed us with the design team and we all have a common cause that we are working towards that will encourage the vision to become a reality.”
Me: Would you say you enjoy working at Covenant, and if so what makes it so enjoyable?
Mrs. Moore: ” I love working here, And what makes it so enjoyable is the fact that I know God has placed me where he wants me to be. I love the people here; just all the people who genuinely cares about you is not a common thing that you will find. Also working at Covenant has allowed me to use all my gifts and talents.”
Me: Do you have any words of wisdom or advice you would like to give?
Mrs. Moore: ” I just want to encourage people to get the word out about our school. Let the people know about the great learning opportunities we offer at Covenant.”
Post Written & Edited by: Anisha Dumas
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Homecoming Week

Spirit week is regarded by most students as one of the most fun weeks of the year. Also known as Homecoming week, it consists of five days of pure creativeness. Every year, five different days are picked, and the students and teachers will dress up as crazily as possible for the corresponding day.

At the beginning of each day, each homeroom teacher for (9th-12th grade) picked two students, a boy and a girl, as the best best-dressed student of the day. At the end of the week, the points were tallied, and the winners of each highschool class went on to be nominated for a chance to win homecoming king/queen. At the pep rally, which was held on Friday, all the winners were put through a series of trials and questions and were asked to perform silly tasks, one of these being the hilarious, “Talk Like a Nerd Impression”. All the students were then asked to vote for their favorites. The score was tallied, and the Homecoming King and Queen were announced at the Homecoming games Friday night.

The winners of each class are as follows:

  • 9th Grade – Veronica Lewis and Bobby Bishop
  • 10th Grade – Marissa Brown and Caleb Potter
  • 11th Grade – Nickie Bian-Lingle and Jake Sanderson
  • 12th Grade – Sarah Arndt and Nico Legaspi

The homecoming king and queen of 2011 – Sarah Arndt and Nico Legaspi! Congratulations to everyone who participated. Also, homecoming week was capped off on Friday night when our Varsity Girls team won 63-25 and the Varsity Boys won 92-55 against South Aiken Christian School. Go Eagles!

Post Written and Edited by: Cooper Williamson & Robby Townsend

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CCCS Geography Bee

On Friday, January 7, 2010, Covenant Classical Christian School held a school-wide Geography Bee. Students from third grade through eighth grade participated in the event. Each class had their own class Geography Bee to find the two students that would represent the whole class in the school competition. The student that wins the competition will advance to the state level, were they will compete against other students from schools across South Carolina. The student that wins the state competition advances to the nationals.

The Civics teacher, Mrs. Crain, moderated the event and asked all the questions in each round to the participants. After several rounds of difficult Geography questions, Taylor Smith came in first place, Schylur Moran achieved second place, and Eden Crain took third place. Taylor Smith will practice his Geography for the next few weeks in preparation for the state competition. If all goes well, then Taylor will become South Carolina’s state Geography Bee Champion and go on to the Nationals. Good luck Taylor!

Post Written and Edited by: Hudson Boudet

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Christmas Social 2010

Last Friday Covenant held its annual Christmas social dance. Like every year, the social was a huge success and an enormous amount of fun for everyone. All students from the 9th-12th grades were invited, and just about everyone attended. Everybody dressed up in formal attire and looked great. We were served a delicious dinner of green beans, chicken, mashed potatoes, and croissants. And after dinner, Mr. Stephens and his wife Wendy set up their own photo shoot to take some great pictures of all the couples and groups of friends. After having some fun posing for cute, and wacky, pictures, we all moved back into Peterson where the real party was about to begin. With Nick Santangelo manning the stereo equipment (per usual), the dancing began.

At the beginning of the dance everybody gathered in a large circle, and people individually stepped to the center to show their moves. Nico Legaspi, perhaps the only one of us who actually knows anything about the subject, entertained everybody, but Caleb Potter put on the best show, which left everybody laughing hysterically. It consisted of some kind of rolling around in a circle dance… apparently what all the kids are doing these days. This of course being after he said, and I quote, “No, I won’t be dancing.” Yeah, whatever.

The night went on to include such hits as “Beat It,” “Thriller,” and “Don’t Stop Believin,’” and while many of the chaperones remained in the kitchen talking, a few simply couldn’t help themselves but to join in the festivities. Mr. Boeschen was dancing just about the entire night and, after a bit of persuasion, Coach Peckham and Ms. Boudet came out on the floor too. They were glad they did. Around eleven o’clock everybody was just about out of juice and the social came to an end. Overall it was a great deal of fun and fellowship, and I’m sure I speak for everybody who came when I say we’ll be looking forward to the 2011 Christmas social.

Special thanks go out to Nick Santangelo for setting up and operating the stereo, Sarah Arndt, who was in charge of the committee and organized the whole event, Rebekah Bowen for buying the food, Mr. and Mrs. Legaspi, Mrs. Richens, and Mrs. Arndt for cooking the food, and Ms. Boudet, Mr. and Mrs. Bolen, Mr. and Mrs. Stephens, Mr. Boeschen, and Coach Peckham and his date for chaperoning.

Post Written and Edited by: Sam Christmus & Reggie Steele

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Preparing For Exams

As we all know, it is about that time again when students take their mid-term exams. The purpose of a mid-term and final exam are to measure the understanding of a particular subject matter. So although exams may seem tideous and not necessary, in the end you will see how it benefits you.

The most common way students don’t do well on their exams are because either they don’t study and prepare for exams or they lack effective techniques for studying in preparation of exam or test, etc. Since many students have trouble in this area, here are five  effective tips in your preparation for your exams.

Number one, take frequent short breaks. This is because it’s been shown your memory can remember the beginning and the end of study sessions more than the middle.  So by studying about half an hour and then taking a five minute break helps increase your chance of retaining what you study. Another tip is to space out your studying so that your long-term memory remembers the information. If you wait until the night before, the information will be retained in the short-time memory, making it likely for you to forget what you’ve studied. Number three, don’t try to memorize everything, just make sure you understand the material well. Number four,either listen to relaxing music to ease the boredom of studying and help you focus or study in a quiet place where you able to concentrate on the matter at hand. Lastly, don’t study later then the time you usually go to sleep. This is because if you stay up pass your usually bedtime, you would most likely end up falling asleep. The recommended time for studying is evening; when your not tempted to fall asleep. Now that you have these tips, you are well on your way to making the desired grade and doing well on the exam!

Written and Edited by: Anisha Dumas

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The second basketball game of the season was held Saturday against PAC, Providence Athletic Club, a local homeschool team coached by one of our CCCS parents, Richard Folks, father of Caleb Folks in the first grade. The fan support was outstanding and appreciated by all the Eagle teams. Even the Pep Squad could be heard throughout the games.

The series began with the JV teams where the Panthers swept both games. The Varsity girls followed and played one of their best games winning 47 to 14. Kate Jeffcoat, a senior, scored 33 points with Berkeley scoring 8 and Joanna scoring 4 points. The Lady Eagles ran several impressive plays and dominated the whole game. It was exciting to see them play hard and win big. Congratulations Ladies!

The Panthers Varsity boys’ team was energized to play as they had a bitter taste in their mouth from the close lost to the Eagles last season. Our Eagles were ready for the game also and played with intensity. David Golden led the team with a high score of 20 points in the first half. The score teetered back and forth with the Eagles coming back from a 10 point deficient just before halftime. The Eagles continued to battle with their 7 players compared to the 15 players on the bench of the PAC team. The fans from both sides with cheering and drawn into the game as their team fought for the victory. Then near the end of the second quarter, David Golden took a bad spill and cut his elbow on a collision with one of the Panthers. The game was interrupted for 15 minutes while the floor was cleaned and bandages with applied to David’s injuries. The Eagles continued to play a good game, but were unable to hold on to the victory in the end. David Golden scored a game-high 20 points, while Emmanuel Bazemore and Will Gasaway both scored 10. The Panthers stole the victory with a 45-49 score over the Eagles.

After the game Coach Folks praised the Eagles for their stamina and ability to play well against a team with twice as many players on the bench. There will be a rematch of the Eagles and Panthers this Friday, December 3. Don’t miss these exciting games!

Written and edited by Jonathan Peckham and Isabella Gantt

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