High School Chorus Finale

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All year Covenant Christian’s High School Chorus worked hard in preparation for the end of year concert. They participated in events such as SCISA’s USC music festival, the Carolina Classic north and south, and others. The chorus also made numerous appearances at local Covenant Basketball games, performing the “Star Spangled Banner”. But of course the getting ready for the end of year concert didn’t only consist of performances. The Chorus practiced three or sometimes 4 days a week, every week. From time to time the chorus even sneaked in a extra Saturday practice every once in a while. All the hard work was finally put to the test May 2, 2011.

That night the chorus performed: “Praise the Lord”, “Ezekial Saw the Wheel”, “Ye Shall Have a Song”, “Song For Unsung Heros”, “Praise His Holy Name”. There was also a solo preformance by Meg Sosbee, and a duet by Rebekah Bowen and Nickie Bian-lingle. We were also graced with some solo performances from some of our seniors: David Golden, Rebekah Bowen, Erin Gutshall, and Nico Legaspi. They may have had a small crowd that night but the positive reaction from the crowd was very was Great. Every performance was grade A, from the SCISA competition (where we were awarded the highest Division I award) to the Chorus Concert. Another good year for the CCCS High School Chorus.

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