As the year ends, exams aren’t the only stress factor at Covenant. While it will be relaxing to be away from the school, over the summer we will be initiating a change called “The Flop.” Many of you have probably heard about this “Flop.” The Grammar School will be changing places on campus with the High School. This will bring a protection to the younger students, as they will not have to travel outside between classes. Because the current High School building has rooms connected by a hallway, this brings a security to the Grammar School that will be helpful for our school.

To celebrate the “Flop,” we had an event called “Flip Flop day.” On Wednesday May,5th,2011 Flip Flop day was an awesome day. All the kids from K4 on up to high-school and even the teachers had a great day of teaching, learning, and fun. Students and teachers got to dress in their beach attire for the whole day. At the last hour of school around 2:30 the students had a popsicle party with beach balls and Hawaiian Leis around their necks. Overall flip flop day was joyous day for Covenant students and teachers where they could be free and enjoy the changes to come.

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Next year, the Flop will be initiated. One of the big projects that we are going to tackle is the Quad project. The idea would be to make the Quad an area where High School students can relax before getting picked up at the end of the day. There would most likely be some drastic changes to the appearance of this area (which is near the horse-shoe area,) making it a much more pleasing location than it currently is. The whole school is getting hyped for the changes, and the new Vision of Covenant is becoming a reality.

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