London Trip 2011

On April 7, a group of students from CCCS, along with Mr. Boeschen and Mrs. Bishop, set out on what would prove to be an amazing trip to London, England. We met at Columbia Metropolitan Airport and left on our first plane to Washington. From there, we had a 7.5 hour flight across the pond and straight into London. Upon our arrival, we met our awesome tour guide for the week, Paul, or as many of us called him, “Boss”. Boss laid out our schedule for the week and we immediately got crackin’. We first went to breakfast where we got to know Boss a little better and asked him a variety of questions about London and British slang/terminology. After a long day of walking around the city, we arrived back at our hotel for the night and found out that some of us would have to room with people from the other school group from New Jersey. We weren’t too excited and didn’t talk to each other much at first, but as the week went on we all got to know each other better, and by the end of the trip had become good friends with the yanks.

Our week was jam packed with good food, tours, and visits to famous sites and buildings. We were able to sample many different types of food from a number of countries. However, my favorite food related experience was probably the “Four bagels for a pound” deal at the local grocery store. During the week we were able to visit the British National Museum, Westminster Abbey, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, and Oxford University, to name a few. My fondest memory of the trip was probably running through London while weaving in and out of crowds, carrying our dinner for the night-bangers and mash- attempting to make it to a Harry Potter walking tour on time. All in all, it was a fantastic trip and I believe I speak for everyone who went when I say that we truly hope to have the opportunity to return there again someday.

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