Interview with Mrs. Folks

As we all know, this year Covenant Classical Christian School has had some new additions to our staff, one of which is Mrs. Sara Folks. Mrs. Folks works in the office as an administrative assistant. Below is an interview that I had with Mrs. Folks to help us as parents, students, and faculty/staff better understand Mrs. Folks as she shares with me about here personal and work life.

Interview with Mrs. Folks

Me: Why did you choose to work here at Covenant?                                                                 Mrs. Folks: I have children that attend school here and I worked here previously by doing volunteer work. When they Lord opened the door for me to work here, I took it as an opportunity to further my work in His kingdom.

Me:What kind of things do you deal with on a day-to-day basis? What is your typical day like?                                                                                                                                                        Mrs. Folks: Since I work part-time, I am in transition from job 1 to job 2 (which  is working here at Covenant). This usually takes place during lunch time, so I grab  something to eat and then the work begins. The kind of work that I deal with on a typical  daily basis is answering phones, taking care of the kids by administering medication, miscellaneous paper work, etc.

Me: Do you find working here enjoyable and if so, what makes it so enjoyable?                        Mrs. Folks: Yes, I find working at Covenant very enjoyable. I love how we have a Christ-centered atmosphere yet we still have fun! Also being able to work with the other teachers and staff is just a blessing as well as getting to know the kids.

Me: Is is anything that you find difficult about working here and if so, why is it difficult?       Mrs. Folks: The thing that I would consider difficult about working here is being able to multi-task. From trying to answer phones to helping people with problems, it can sometimes get a little crazy but through it all I manage to get it all done and stay sane.

Me: What are the most important skills needed for this type of work?                                       Mrs. Folks: It is very important to be flexible and be able to take care of things as they come. As I stated before, things can sometimes get a little crazy but being able to be flexible helps me to work through it all.

Me: How does this type of work interest you and how did you get started working here?      Mrs. Folks: I have a background in computer programming, so I enjoy working with the computer while doing this type of work. And as I said, I actually got started here through volunteering and had a desire to be more involved. So when this job was available, I took the opportunity.

Me: What are your plans to help better this school?                                                                       Mrs. Folks: I plan to help better this school by playing an active role as much as possible, supporting the vision plan, and also by working at home to help get things done.

Well there you have it, an interview with Mrs. Folks, which is our new administrative assistant this year. We are so thankful for Mrs. Folks working here and sharing her time and energy to help further the lives that she impacts through her work here at Covenant.

Post Written & Edited By: Anisha Dumas

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