Lou Fowler

On March 19, Lou Fowler came to speak at Covenant. An ex-WWII prisoner of war, Lou told us of his riveting and emotional war stories that kept us on the edge of our seats. At the age of 17, Lou joined the Air Force, along with his two brothers. Through basic training and piloting school, Lou quickly learned how important it was for him to stay close to God throughout his hardships.

Lou Fowler joined the 15th platoon in the Army Air Corps, now known as the Air Force. His mod of transportation included a team of ten in a B-24, the first air-plane with radar. With his team he traveled over Africa, Sicily, and Italy. Their mission was to drop bombs over their target. Shortly after this he was shot down, behind enemy territory at that. They blew a whole in the side of the plane and half of the left wing off. He struggled to put on his friends parachute, his friend having been carried out of the gaping hole along with his own parachute. He suffered shrapnel in his right shoulder and lower body. This impaired him from getting his parachute on correctly. This is the first of many instances where he knew God was with him. Suddenly, the plane shifted throwing him out of the plane allowing him to slip into his parachute correctly. He was over 18,000 feet in the air, there is little oxygen and no noise. As he started to slip away, he heard the words, “fear not, for I am with you.” These words were the last before he awoke on the ground.

This is the beginning of his imprisonment, and incredible story. As Lou told his story, chills climbed the back of all in the room. Thrilling stories with impossible outcomes were made possible by the almighty God. He mentioned more than once that he is not a hero, that he was merely serving his country and the generation of today. He has passed the baton onto the youths and what we do with is our decision, he fought for us so that we may have a choice in what we do with it. Lou Fowler’s amazing story is worth taking time out of any busy day to listen to.

Post Written & Edited by: Robby Townsend & Cooper Williamson


About Robby T.

I am a student at Covenant Classical Christian School.
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