Soccer Season Is Here!

The long awaited soccer season has finally arrived at Covenant this March. The Covenant Eagles are sitting at a 2-1 record. The Eagles pulled off two amazing wins against Richard Winn (Final Score 4-2) and Westminister Catawba (Final Score 2-1). However, CCCS has suffered a tough loss to James Island Christian School (Final Score 2-0). JICS is currently ranked 4th in the State for SCISA A/AA Soccer. The JICS game was a very hard fought contest and gives the Eagles some confidence that they can play with any team in the state. Without one of their key players, David Golden, the Eagles were struggling and playing harder than ever to score a goal. With Emmanuel Bazemore, Elijah Mboho, and David Wright dealing with nagging injuries, the team was not able to pull out a win. The Eagles did not have any subs for the game, and this made it very difficult because JICS was able to rotate players in and out the entire game. Overall the game against James Island Christian was intense and exciting to watch.

After a tough defeat from the JICS game, the Covenant Eagles bounced back at home against Westminister Catawba (Final Score 2-1). It was a great game that brought back up the spirit of the Covenant Eagles.

The Eagles are looking forward to the rest of the season and hoping to finish with a good record in order to gain a top playoff seed in the SCISA A/AA State Soccer Tournament in May.

Written & Edited by: Elijah Mboho & Reggie Steele

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