CCCS History Fair

How did the Egyptians mummify their dead? How did our state come to be where it is today? What were some reasons that sparked the Revolutionary War? These and other questions were addressed at the annual History Fair on Thursday, February 24. The fair is a time of showcase for the students as they shared a creative display of information relating to a specific topic in history that they had been studying. The research and creativity put into the display enhanced the knowledge of each student and allowed them to share their findings with the whole school. Some of the topics were reformers, Sout h Carolina History, Egypt, American History, Ancient Greece and Rome, and famous literature writers.

The evening started with a delicious dinner of spaghetti provided by the Seawells. Then there was a short PTO meeting to discuss the plans for the Saturday workday and other business. All families were dismissed to the classrooms at 6:00 pm. Students then became busy, moving from room to room while getting their passport stamped by a representative in each room. Some teachers like Mrs. Peckham gave a special prize to her students if they filled up the whole card. Mason Cox, a fifth grader, said everyone got a Hersey’s chocolate bar for turning in their passport. This year many teachers added a twist to their stamp by making each student tell something they had learned in their room before getting their passport stamped. This was a little hard, but everyone completed the task with success.

The fair was geared for the young and mature. There were several adults that commented that they were learning some facts that they didn’t know. The History Fair is a wonderful evening of fun and Christian fellowship for the whole family. It is also a time to learn and reflect on God, the author of all history and creation.

Post Written & Edited by: Jonathan Peckham and Emmanuel Bazemore


About Jonathan P.

I am a Jr. at Covenant Classical Christian School.
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