Covenant Vision Planning

In recent months, the administration at Covenant has been considering different ways to improve our school. They have been organizing open houses to bring in people from the community, and have been encouraging families to tell their friends about our great school. Conveniently, Covenant just happens to teach the children of a man whose job is to provide architectural and design idea to improve the buildings and over-all appearance of schools, businesses, and organizations. Mr. Randy Wilson graciously offered us his knowledge and expertise about how we could improve Covenant.

Mr. Wilson held sessions to get ideas from the students, faculty, administration, and parents. We all discussed different thoughts about how we thought Covenant could grow and become a better school. A key aspect of what makes Covenant great is that it is Christ-centered. As we expand our school, we want to makes sure we are always putting Him first and doing everything to His glory. Naturally, when students were asked, “How can we make Covenant better?”…many said we needed a gym. Mr. Wilson showed us some slides of how this could possibly be accomplished. He suggested making the gym into a multi-purpose building. If we decided to build one in the future, it might possibly include a new library, science lab, stage for the Drama Club, and extra classrooms.

Another big idea is what he called “The Flop.” The idea is to completely switch the high school and elementary school. This would make it so the elementary school classes would be close to each other, the lunch room, and the office, ensuring that smaller children wouldn’t have to walk all over the campus. Mr. Wilson also showed us some pictures of how we could improve Covenant’s appearance. Some of the slides revealed what Covenant would look like if we added grass, trees, and signs, and fixed up the parking lot. All together they could really make Covenant look a lot better.

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There are many more ideas Mr. Wilson shared with us about how to improve our school, and honestly, they are all fantastic. Everybody is extremely grateful to Mr. Wilson for all the time and energy he has put into Covenant’s Vision Planning, and hopefully, with help from the students, parents, faculty, and administration, we can make these great ideas a reality.

Post Written & Edited by: Sam Christmus & Caleb Potter

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