Lindsey Moore

Here at Covenant Classical Christian School, this year we have had a new addition to our school’s staff. One of our newest staff additions is Mrs. Lindsey Moore, who is our marketing and admissions director.
I was able to sit down and have an interview with her; where she shared some of her thought and ideas regarding herself and Covenant Classical Christian School. Ultimately, her main goal is to help make Covenant grow further and prosper the school.
Below is the interview I had with Mrs. Lindsey Moore:
Me: What did you intend to do when you graduated from college?
Mrs. Moore: ” When I came out of college I wanted to teach children at history but not at in a school setting. What I really wanted to do is work at a museum or something of that nature where I could be able to teach history to children.”
Me: How did you find or come to Covenant?
Mrs. Moore: ” When i was younger, I went to preschool here at Covenant and i grew up in the neighborhood; which was a few blocks away. After going to get my second masters in teaching at Columbia International University, I felt the Lord calling me to teach at a Christian school. And after applying at many Christian schools I was able to receive a job at Covenant.”
Me: How did you feel about the visions of the school?
Mrs. Moore: “I am extremely excited about the new vision. I fell the Lord has blessed us with the design team and we all have a common cause that we are working towards that will encourage the vision to become a reality.”
Me: Would you say you enjoy working at Covenant, and if so what makes it so enjoyable?
Mrs. Moore: ” I love working here, And what makes it so enjoyable is the fact that I know God has placed me where he wants me to be. I love the people here; just all the people who genuinely cares about you is not a common thing that you will find. Also working at Covenant has allowed me to use all my gifts and talents.”
Me: Do you have any words of wisdom or advice you would like to give?
Mrs. Moore: ” I just want to encourage people to get the word out about our school. Let the people know about the great learning opportunities we offer at Covenant.”
Post Written & Edited by: Anisha Dumas

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