Homecoming Week

Spirit week is regarded by most students as one of the most fun weeks of the year. Also known as Homecoming week, it consists of five days of pure creativeness. Every year, five different days are picked, and the students and teachers will dress up as crazily as possible for the corresponding day.

At the beginning of each day, each homeroom teacher for (9th-12th grade) picked two students, a boy and a girl, as the best best-dressed student of the day. At the end of the week, the points were tallied, and the winners of each highschool class went on to be nominated for a chance to win homecoming king/queen. At the pep rally, which was held on Friday, all the winners were put through a series of trials and questions and were asked to perform silly tasks, one of these being the hilarious, “Talk Like a Nerd Impression”. All the students were then asked to vote for their favorites. The score was tallied, and the Homecoming King and Queen were announced at the Homecoming games Friday night.

The winners of each class are as follows:

  • 9th Grade – Veronica Lewis and Bobby Bishop
  • 10th Grade – Marissa Brown and Caleb Potter
  • 11th Grade – Nickie Bian-Lingle and Jake Sanderson
  • 12th Grade – Sarah Arndt and Nico Legaspi

The homecoming king and queen of 2011 – Sarah Arndt and Nico Legaspi! Congratulations to everyone who participated. Also, homecoming week was capped off on Friday night when our Varsity Girls team won 63-25 and the Varsity Boys won 92-55 against South Aiken Christian School. Go Eagles!

Post Written and Edited by: Cooper Williamson & Robby Townsend

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