Christmas Social 2010

Last Friday Covenant held its annual Christmas social dance. Like every year, the social was a huge success and an enormous amount of fun for everyone. All students from the 9th-12th grades were invited, and just about everyone attended. Everybody dressed up in formal attire and looked great. We were served a delicious dinner of green beans, chicken, mashed potatoes, and croissants. And after dinner, Mr. Stephens and his wife Wendy set up their own photo shoot to take some great pictures of all the couples and groups of friends. After having some fun posing for cute, and wacky, pictures, we all moved back into Peterson where the real party was about to begin. With Nick Santangelo manning the stereo equipment (per usual), the dancing began.

At the beginning of the dance everybody gathered in a large circle, and people individually stepped to the center to show their moves. Nico Legaspi, perhaps the only one of us who actually knows anything about the subject, entertained everybody, but Caleb Potter put on the best show, which left everybody laughing hysterically. It consisted of some kind of rolling around in a circle dance… apparently what all the kids are doing these days. This of course being after he said, and I quote, “No, I won’t be dancing.” Yeah, whatever.

The night went on to include such hits as “Beat It,” “Thriller,” and “Don’t Stop Believin,’” and while many of the chaperones remained in the kitchen talking, a few simply couldn’t help themselves but to join in the festivities. Mr. Boeschen was dancing just about the entire night and, after a bit of persuasion, Coach Peckham and Ms. Boudet came out on the floor too. They were glad they did. Around eleven o’clock everybody was just about out of juice and the social came to an end. Overall it was a great deal of fun and fellowship, and I’m sure I speak for everybody who came when I say we’ll be looking forward to the 2011 Christmas social.

Special thanks go out to Nick Santangelo for setting up and operating the stereo, Sarah Arndt, who was in charge of the committee and organized the whole event, Rebekah Bowen for buying the food, Mr. and Mrs. Legaspi, Mrs. Richens, and Mrs. Arndt for cooking the food, and Ms. Boudet, Mr. and Mrs. Bolen, Mr. and Mrs. Stephens, Mr. Boeschen, and Coach Peckham and his date for chaperoning.

Post Written and Edited by: Sam Christmus & Reggie Steele

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