Preparing For Exams

As we all know, it is about that time again when students take their mid-term exams. The purpose of a mid-term and final exam are to measure the understanding of a particular subject matter. So although exams may seem tideous and not necessary, in the end you will see how it benefits you.

The most common way students don’t do well on their exams are because either they don’t study and prepare for exams or they lack effective techniques for studying in preparation of exam or test, etc. Since many students have trouble in this area, here are five  effective tips in your preparation for your exams.

Number one, take frequent short breaks. This is because it’s been shown your memory can remember the beginning and the end of study sessions more than the middle.  So by studying about half an hour and then taking a five minute break helps increase your chance of retaining what you study. Another tip is to space out your studying so that your long-term memory remembers the information. If you wait until the night before, the information will be retained in the short-time memory, making it likely for you to forget what you’ve studied. Number three, don’t try to memorize everything, just make sure you understand the material well. Number four,either listen to relaxing music to ease the boredom of studying and help you focus or study in a quiet place where you able to concentrate on the matter at hand. Lastly, don’t study later then the time you usually go to sleep. This is because if you stay up pass your usually bedtime, you would most likely end up falling asleep. The recommended time for studying is evening; when your not tempted to fall asleep. Now that you have these tips, you are well on your way to making the desired grade and doing well on the exam!

Written and Edited by: Anisha Dumas

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