The second basketball game of the season was held Saturday against PAC, Providence Athletic Club, a local homeschool team coached by one of our CCCS parents, Richard Folks, father of Caleb Folks in the first grade. The fan support was outstanding and appreciated by all the Eagle teams. Even the Pep Squad could be heard throughout the games.

The series began with the JV teams where the Panthers swept both games. The Varsity girls followed and played one of their best games winning 47 to 14. Kate Jeffcoat, a senior, scored 33 points with Berkeley scoring 8 and Joanna scoring 4 points. The Lady Eagles ran several impressive plays and dominated the whole game. It was exciting to see them play hard and win big. Congratulations Ladies!

The Panthers Varsity boys’ team was energized to play as they had a bitter taste in their mouth from the close lost to the Eagles last season. Our Eagles were ready for the game also and played with intensity. David Golden led the team with a high score of 20 points in the first half. The score teetered back and forth with the Eagles coming back from a 10 point deficient just before halftime. The Eagles continued to battle with their 7 players compared to the 15 players on the bench of the PAC team. The fans from both sides with cheering and drawn into the game as their team fought for the victory. Then near the end of the second quarter, David Golden took a bad spill and cut his elbow on a collision with one of the Panthers. The game was interrupted for 15 minutes while the floor was cleaned and bandages with applied to David’s injuries. The Eagles continued to play a good game, but were unable to hold on to the victory in the end. David Golden scored a game-high 20 points, while Emmanuel Bazemore and Will Gasaway both scored 10. The Panthers stole the victory with a 45-49 score over the Eagles.

After the game Coach Folks praised the Eagles for their stamina and ability to play well against a team with twice as many players on the bench. There will be a rematch of the Eagles and Panthers this Friday, December 3. Don’t miss these exciting games!

Written and edited by Jonathan Peckham and Isabella Gantt


About Jonathan P.

I am a Jr. at Covenant Classical Christian School.
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