Veteran’s Day Celebration – Honoring Our Veterans

Veteran’s Day is a day set aside to honor American military personnel who died serving our country, but also to honor the living, those who are willing to sacrifice their lives to defend our freedom.

At the beginning of this ceremony, we heard the National Anthem sung by our very own high school chorus. There were also two candles lit in honor of two veterans, who were grandfathers to our students, Sarah Arndt and Berkeley Bishop.

On November 10th, Covenant undertook a great opportunity to hold a Veteran’s Day celebration here at the school. A very special guest speaker, Mr. Ralph, spoke at the ceremony. He told a thrilling story about his early days in the military at Vietnam, where he and his fellow soldiers were attacked every night for one month. He told us of his longing for adventure is what made him join the military.

Students also had the opportunity of listening to various stories told by several veterans in their classrooms. Among these veterans were some familiar faces, well known to people at Covenant. Kimberly Richens, Colonel Sanders, and Mr. Golden were among many of the veterans who attended this event.

A special thanks to American Legion Post 195, who donated an all-weather flag to commemorate this special event.

In one program we heard some selections from the high school chorus. (best chorus in the west). There was also a candle lighting ceremony in honor of the grandfathers of two students of CCCS.

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