Poetry Out Loud

Here at Covenant, we have many different competitions, and events. An example of these events would be our recently held Poetry Out Loud competition. In this competition, students in grades starting at fifth, and going to the twelfth memorized well known poems, and then recited them to their classes.

In the High school classes, however, there was a competition going on. After the recitations of thirds of the poems (at two different times), the whole poem was then recited, and the two best contestants of each class were chosen to recite in the school-wide competition. These winners were: (freshmen)David Wright, and Caleb Wilson, (sophomores) Hudson Boudet, and Elijah Mboho Jr., (juniors) Robby Townsend, and Anna Wilson, (seniors) Sarah Arndt, and Rebekah Bowen.

The Contestants

The school-wide competition was then held in the chapel on November the twelfth, in which Dr. Crain spoke as the announcer, and the contestants above recited the poems which they had memorized. Although each of the contestants did very well, the two finalists ended up being Sarah Arndt, and Rebekah Bowen. They then recited their poems once more, and the judges voted once again for the winner.

Sarah ArndtRebekah Bowen

The school-wide winner was then announced, being Rebekah Bowen. All of the contestants did an excellent job at memorizing, and displaying the heart of their poems. However, the best of the best was chosen by the judges, and Rebekah will now be sent to the regional competition.


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