Coach Peckham

“Coach”, as his title suggests, is the coach of our Varsity Basketball teams as well as being the Computer Applications teacher at our school. We got a chance to ask him a few questions about his job here and were able to get to know him a little better than we did before. With his permission, we have decided to post it on our blog. These are the questions with the answers following respectively, but first a little background information.

Coach Andrew Peckham was born  in Columbia, South Carolina. He started his education at our very own Covenant Classical Christian School, then known as Covenant Christian School. He attended Covenant for eight years starting in kindergarten and completed through the seventh grade. Back then, our school only had grades kindergarten to eighth. Mr. Peckham or Coach as he prefers to be called, went to Ben Lippen for his remaining middle school and his high school education. At Ben Lippen, Coach Peckham played at the varsity level on the football, basketball, and baseball teams; so, it is no surprise he became a coach.

After graduating from Ben Lippen, he went to Erskine College on a baseball scholarship; however, he did not enjoy Erskine and transferred to the University of South Carolina. At USC, he graduated with a degree in Business Administration/Management and minored in Athletic Coaching. Coach Peckham is currently pursuing his Masters degree in Teaching (M.A.T) in Business Education. He is currently attending graduate school, coaching basketball at Covenant, teaching a computer applications class, and substituting when he has the opportunity.

1. What’s your best memory here at Covenant?
“There are many memories at Covenant that I most definitely cherish. One of my favorite memories was having Miss Hidey as a teacher in 3rd grade. I really enjoyed the “baseball unit” she had during the school year. I also enjoyed playing in the “Praise Band” during middle school at Covenant. I was able to help lead praise and worship during chapel each week by playing the guitar.”

2. When you are finished here where are you going?
“I am not sure exactly. The Lord has made it clear that I should pursue a career in teaching and coaching. I am very grateful to Covenant for giving me a chance to pursue coaching at such a young age starting in 2007. It is amazing how the Lord works, because before I arrived at CCCS, I was very unclear about the direction of my career. As I continue my pursuit in coaching, I have a goal to become an Athletic Director at a large high school or college some day.”

3. Whats your favorite thing about Covenant?
“I have always really liked how everyone at Covenant is truly a “family”. I have always enjoyed being around the students here at Covenant. The community spirit at Covenant makes this school a great place to coach and teach.”

4. What are the requirements for being a Computer Applications teacher?
“I have an undergraduate degree in Business Administration. This degree entailed many computer courses that have given me the knowledge to teach a Computer Applications course. I am also pursuing a Masters degree in Teaching Business Education & Technology, which will further my knowledge and expertise so that I will be certified to teach a larger variety of computer and business courses at the high school level.”

5. What do you like best about being a coach?
“I am truly passionate about coaching, especially at the high school level. I enjoy teaching and training student-athletes to become successful both on the court and off. I am extremely motivated by challenges and enjoy helping athletes believe in themselves to accomplish goals. I have always enjoyed a variety of sports and see myself as a very competitive person. Coaching allows me to still “compete” in sports even though I am no longer playing.”

6. What did it mean to you to coach the Varsity Boys basketball team to the “Final Four” last year in the State Tournament?                                                                                              “It was extremely special for me to be a part of the great accomplishments of our Varsity Boys basketball team last year. Although we did not reach our ultimate goal of a State Title, this team was able to put Covenant “on the map” athletically by working very hard throughout the season. The commitment level of our guys last year was outstanding, and it was neat to see their hard work pay off by finishing the year with 22 wins and having the most successful season in school history. As basketball season approaches, I am looking forward to building on our recent success once again this season.”

Post Written and Edited by: Hudson Boudet and Robby Townsend


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