CCCS Field Days

The Grammar and Middle School field days were full of fun and excitement! Both had fun games, great food, and a group of welcoming people who ran the events. The Grammar School Field Day was held at Covenant Classical Christian School. The Middle School Field Day was held at Bethel Christian Camp. All the kids had fun on their field days!

On September 17, 2010, CCCS held a field day for the Grammar School children. The Grammar School Field Day was filled with excitement and fun for all the children. There were five stations set up for the kids to enjoy. Each station had a country inspiring the games played there. The children would go, as a class, from station to station accomplishing certain tasks using teamwork and mind-power as there aids. For example, in one game the kids held a parachute with many foam pool noodles in the center. When all the kids lifted it up and flung the noodles in the air, two of the kids would run underneath it to change positions. The kids had a lot of fun.

Field day is an amazing event where the grammar, middle and high school take a day off from school and participate in games, sports and other outside activities. It’s a time of getting to know classmates and displaying your athleticism. On September 20, 2010 the middle school went off to Bethel for their field day. The middle school played pac-man, wrestling and other fun games. Elijah Bazemore, a student in seventh grade, enjoyed his time at Bethel and even told us how to play his favorite game pac-man. Bethel brought him closer to his classmates and taught not to judge the appearance. The high school field day is on September 27, 2010, and we hope to see all the high school kids out there.

Both field days had people who gave up their own time for the kids. The Honor Society of CCCS helped out in the Grammar School Field Day. Mr. Sam, Mr. Jarl, Miss Skippy, Mr. Silas, and Mr. Tom were there to work with, protect, and run games for the Middle School kids of CCCS. Both groups of workers had fun in running the games, and they could not help but smile when they saw how their efforts were bringing joy to so many children. The best part of the Grammar Field Day, for the Honor Society, was getting to skip their morning classes along with making all the kids smile. The Bethel crew that helped got to aid in the unification of the kids in middle school. All-in-all, both kids and workers enjoyed the field days, and the high school kids look forward to their field day on September 27, 2010.

Post Written and Edited by: Emmanuel Bazemore & Hudson Boudet

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