Miss Boudet

At the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year, we had a few new teachers arrive at CCCS. We got a chance to interview one of them.  One of our newest teachers, Miss Boudet, shared with us a little bit about herself. Miss Boudet started her education at Covenant Classical Christian School (where she also graduated). She furthered her education at Wofford College, majoring in English and History.

She left college with the intentions on either being a teacher or a research assistant. Miss Boudet, remembering the great classical experience she received at CCCS, felt led to return to the school to teach History, Literature, and Latin. As a first time teacher, she did not know exactly what to expect. However, she has received some advice from her younger brother Hudson (a 10th grader at CCCS) about how students learn and react in the classroom. So far Miss Boudet is definitely enjoying her teaching experience, but she expressed to us how much harder teaching is than it looks. She appreciates the fact that though she is the teacher, she can learn so much from her students.

Miss Boudet was quite the athlete in high school. When she was at Covenant she played basketball, cross country, and was a cheerleader. Her strongest sport was basketball. She learned alot from competing in athletics at CCCS, but one of the most important things she developed was her leadership ability. It is usually true that every sports fan has their favorite team. Miss Boudet, however, took the easy road and supports her alma mater, Wofford (they pull through sometimes). Nevertheless, for the sake of the family, she gives Clemson their due support. Above all, Miss Boudet every once in a while enjoys to watch a good game of soccer.

Miss Boudet eventually wants to go to graduate school and get her Masters and PhD.  She is going to wait until she has the time to follow through with those plans.

Words of wisdom from Miss B: “Be perpetually open to the will of God because He definitely has thoughts of good not evil for us. Also, try not to be so close minded when planning for the future because you wouldn’t want to miss opportunities that may come from other directions.”

Post Written and Edited by: Will B. and Elijah M.

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