The Difference

Schools across the globe have very different traits to them, from styles in teaching to rules of dress code. CCCS is quite different from the other schools in the area. It’s quite unique, to say the least.

While dining in Peterson Hall, you will find that the atmosphere is quite enjoyable. Beautiful music can be heard from the piano and on certain occasions other instruments are added. It’s encouraged by all to step up and show the musician within. Music at lunch is just one of the many unique characteristics that come with the package of being a student at CCCS.

Covenant Classical Christian School strives to provide such an atmosphere that includes the Lord in all that we do. During homeroom and before every class, the teacher takes up prayer requests and prays. Along with prayer, we relate everything we study to the Bible and look at it with a Biblical Worldview. We are taught, as students, to not look down upon a subject just because we dislike it, but to embrace what the Lord has provided for us and to see his glory in every subject.

CCCS is overall a wonderful Christian school. It is an honor and a privilege to be a student here. These characteristics are but a few that make this school the way it is. CCCS makes it a joy to come to school and study in a God-focused environment. I only hope that many other students may come to experience this for themselves.

Post Written and Edited by: Robby T. and Caleb P.


About Robby T.

I am a student at Covenant Classical Christian School.
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1 Response to The Difference

  1. Mrs. Hurst says:

    Hello my former students! I am so excited to see this blog up and running – and I am going read it religiously :-). Can’t wait to hear all about what you are doing. Hope this year is FABULOUS!

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