Covenant Soccer Season 2011

The 2011 soccer season has come to a close. The eagles ended the season with a record of 8 – 6. The eagles had an exciting season with our coach Adam Palmer. This year the eagles played Richard Winn, a 2A team, and blew them out 10-1 at home. Covenant also had a close game with the #1 team in the state Thomas Sumter, but lost 3-2. April 25th the Eagles traveled to Rock Hill to play Westminister Catawba. It was a hard game because the eagles only had nine players while Catawba had about fifteen. It was 1-2 at half-time. With no subs and already playing down two players, the eagles couldn’t quite pull out the win. The eagles lost that game 1-4.

The eagles never had much of a bench,but managed to have a pretty successful season and beat some hard teams. We had to play down several times and played with no bench because of a shortage of players. We even played one game seven v. seven against St. Francis Xavier. We won 17-5. The eagles finished second in the region behind Thomas Sumter and sixth in the state. The leading scorers were David Golden with 17 goals and Emmanuel Bazemore with 9 goals. We had a few injuries this season, but we made it out alive.

On May 2 after defeating Calhoun Academy 8 -1. Covenant held a cookout to celebrate our last home game. Special thanks to Mrs. Peckham for bringing the grill trailer, and the Yeltons for cooking the hamburgers and hot dogs. Thank you to all the parents and students who came to the games to support the Eagles. And a very, very special thanks to Adam Palmer for his time and effort he put into the team this year. Have a blessed summer!

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High School Chorus Finale

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All year Covenant Christian’s High School Chorus worked hard in preparation for the end of year concert. They participated in events such as SCISA’s USC music festival, the Carolina Classic north and south, and others. The chorus also made numerous appearances at local Covenant Basketball games, performing the “Star Spangled Banner”. But of course the getting ready for the end of year concert didn’t only consist of performances. The Chorus practiced three or sometimes 4 days a week, every week. From time to time the chorus even sneaked in a extra Saturday practice every once in a while. All the hard work was finally put to the test May 2, 2011.

That night the chorus performed: “Praise the Lord”, “Ezekial Saw the Wheel”, “Ye Shall Have a Song”, “Song For Unsung Heros”, “Praise His Holy Name”. There was also a solo preformance by Meg Sosbee, and a duet by Rebekah Bowen and Nickie Bian-lingle. We were also graced with some solo performances from some of our seniors: David Golden, Rebekah Bowen, Erin Gutshall, and Nico Legaspi. They may have had a small crowd that night but the positive reaction from the crowd was very was Great. Every performance was grade A, from the SCISA competition (where we were awarded the highest Division I award) to the Chorus Concert. Another good year for the CCCS High School Chorus.

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As the year ends, exams aren’t the only stress factor at Covenant. While it will be relaxing to be away from the school, over the summer we will be initiating a change called “The Flop.” Many of you have probably heard about this “Flop.” The Grammar School will be changing places on campus with the High School. This will bring a protection to the younger students, as they will not have to travel outside between classes. Because the current High School building has rooms connected by a hallway, this brings a security to the Grammar School that will be helpful for our school.

To celebrate the “Flop,” we had an event called “Flip Flop day.” On Wednesday May,5th,2011 Flip Flop day was an awesome day. All the kids from K4 on up to high-school and even the teachers had a great day of teaching, learning, and fun. Students and teachers got to dress in their beach attire for the whole day. At the last hour of school around 2:30 the students had a popsicle party with beach balls and Hawaiian Leis around their necks. Overall flip flop day was joyous day for Covenant students and teachers where they could be free and enjoy the changes to come.

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Next year, the Flop will be initiated. One of the big projects that we are going to tackle is the Quad project. The idea would be to make the Quad an area where High School students can relax before getting picked up at the end of the day. There would most likely be some drastic changes to the appearance of this area (which is near the horse-shoe area,) making it a much more pleasing location than it currently is. The whole school is getting hyped for the changes, and the new Vision of Covenant is becoming a reality.

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London Trip 2011

On April 7, a group of students from CCCS, along with Mr. Boeschen and Mrs. Bishop, set out on what would prove to be an amazing trip to London, England. We met at Columbia Metropolitan Airport and left on our first plane to Washington. From there, we had a 7.5 hour flight across the pond and straight into London. Upon our arrival, we met our awesome tour guide for the week, Paul, or as many of us called him, “Boss”. Boss laid out our schedule for the week and we immediately got crackin’. We first went to breakfast where we got to know Boss a little better and asked him a variety of questions about London and British slang/terminology. After a long day of walking around the city, we arrived back at our hotel for the night and found out that some of us would have to room with people from the other school group from New Jersey. We weren’t too excited and didn’t talk to each other much at first, but as the week went on we all got to know each other better, and by the end of the trip had become good friends with the yanks.

Our week was jam packed with good food, tours, and visits to famous sites and buildings. We were able to sample many different types of food from a number of countries. However, my favorite food related experience was probably the “Four bagels for a pound” deal at the local grocery store. During the week we were able to visit the British National Museum, Westminster Abbey, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, and Oxford University, to name a few. My fondest memory of the trip was probably running through London while weaving in and out of crowds, carrying our dinner for the night-bangers and mash- attempting to make it to a Harry Potter walking tour on time. All in all, it was a fantastic trip and I believe I speak for everyone who went when I say that we truly hope to have the opportunity to return there again someday.

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Digital Narrative of Covenant Basketball (2007-2011)

This semester I was given an assignment to create a Digitial Narrative for one of my M.A.T. classes at USC. The assignment entailed re-creating a personal story or event in my life. I was given the option to pick a topic of my choice and after much thought decided to create a Digital Narrative (story) on my 4 year tenure as the Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach at Covenant. The assignment had to include the following 4 items: audio/voiceover, video, images, and text. The theme of the story is “Determination” and is based on the players and coaches determination and perseverence to succeed even under the toughest (near impossible) circumstances. I have truly been blessed to have been apart of the accomplishments of these young men and its been amazing to see what the Lord has done at Covenant through this basketball program. Please enjoy the video below:

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The Spring Drama Productions

Actor Perspective:
Play season is one of the best times of the year. Mr. Boeschen puts up the audition time and all the drama club members start to get excited because another play is around the corner. This means that there will be practices every day after school until 5:45pm. Drama practices also bring responsibilities, such as: line memorization, stage props and set up, costume preparation, and blocking(which is positioning on stage in respect to other actors, the audience, and the stage furniture). Drama also brings in extra work and dedication added to the current amount of school work. However, acting and becoming someone else to bring pleasure and instill emotions in an audience brings happiness and a sense of accomplishment in the actors and actresses. Therefore, play season is one of the beast times of year.

Audience perspective:
On all performances of the play there were a significant number of people present. Sitting in the audience of any of Covenant’s drama productions is like no other, but this year it was even greater. There was side splitting humor along with thought provoking scenarios. The energy on stage kept the audiences attention and on the edge of their seat. “It kept me intrigued the entire time. I thoroughly enjoyed it and could not stop laughing!” says junior Isabella Gantt. There was not a negative remark heard about the production but only laughs and good comments.


This Drama season, Mr. Boeschen decided to do the play: The Importance of Being Earnest; also, Mr. Boeschen gave one of the seniors, Sarah Arndt, the responsibility of directing the play A Memo from Jupiter. The Importance of Being Earnest is a play set in Victorian England.

Act I
The events of Act I occur in Algrenon Moncrieff’s (played by Robby Townsend/Bobby Bishop) apartment in London. Algrenon’s friend, Ernest/John Worthing (played by Peter Dye/David Wright) comes to visit him to discuss his desire to propose to Algrenon’s cousin, Gwendolen Fairfax (played by Sarah Arndt/Helen Edwards). However, Lady Bracknell (played by Abi Todd/Valerie Hinsch), who is Gwendolen’s mother, arrives and refuses to consent to the marriage of Jack and Gwendolen because she discovers that Ernest/Jack is and illegitimate child found in a railway station.

Act II
Act II occurs at Ernest Worthing’s country house in Hertfordshire. Algrenon proceeds to fall in love with Ernest Worthing’s ward, Cecily Cardew (played by Erin Gutshall/Meaghan Fox). The two women, Cecily and Gwendolen, meet each other at the garden when Gwendolen comes to see Ernest(actually Jack). Cecily tells Gwendolen that she is engaged to Ernest(actually Algrenon). The girls get in an argument over who is engaged to Ernest. Both men, Jack and Algrenon, arrive and tell the girls the truth: there is no Ernest. Meanwhile, Dr. Chasuble(played by Hudson Boudet) continues to love Cecily’s governess, Miss Prism(played by Sarah Beth Wilson/Veronica Lewis) but refuses to marry her because he pledged to be celibate.

Gwendolen and Cecily watch Algernon and Jack outside eating muffins, when the men come back inside the couples reunited. But just when it seemed that the couples would live happily ever after, lady Bracknell walked in. She quickly denies Gwendolen and Jack’s engagement, but approves of Cecily because of Cecily’s inheiritance. Jack wont allow the engagement to happen unless Lady Bracknell allows his marriage to Gwendolen. Next, Chasuble and Prism come in and Lady Bracknell recognise Prism as the woman who lost her sisters baby. It turns out that the baby Prism left was Jack! Jack is Algrenon’s brother and it turns out that Algrenon’s father is named Ernest, making Jack’s name Ernest too! So it turns out that Jack was being “earnest” all along.

Director: Mr. Hans Boeschen
Assistant Director: Hudson Boudet

A Memo from Jupiter:

This play takes place in Jupiter’s, king of the Roman gods, apartment . Minerva, goddess of wisdom, and Mars, god of war, come on stage having a discussion about women in the military. Venus, goddess of beauty, walks in and starts a conflict between her and her ex-boyfriend, Mars, that lasts the entire play. The main plot line begins when Jupiter enters, carrying a postcard from Cupid, god of love and match-making. The postcard announces that Cupid is quitting from his position as god of love. When Cupid makes his entrance, he explains that he is going to become an actor with his manager, Joanie Rush, and photographers, Maxine and Leslie. The other gods are outraged! They attempt to convince Cupid to quit these foolish shenanigans. Cupid makes a deal with the other gods to quit show business if one person within 60 days suffers because Cupid is not a match-maker. Jupiter arranges with the other gods to send a MEMO as confirmation that someone WILL suffer without Cupid.

Director: Sarah Arndt

Jupiter: Hudson Boudet
Minerva: Miriam Crain
Mars: Michael Gutshall
Venus: Kristen Tanner
Cupid: Elijah Bazemore
Joanie Rush: Brittany Carter
Maxine: Sarah Beth Wilson
Leslie: Veronica Lewis

Written and edited by:Jonathan Peckham and Hudson Boudet

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Interview with Mrs. Folks

As we all know, this year Covenant Classical Christian School has had some new additions to our staff, one of which is Mrs. Sara Folks. Mrs. Folks works in the office as an administrative assistant. Below is an interview that I had with Mrs. Folks to help us as parents, students, and faculty/staff better understand Mrs. Folks as she shares with me about here personal and work life.

Interview with Mrs. Folks

Me: Why did you choose to work here at Covenant?                                                                 Mrs. Folks: I have children that attend school here and I worked here previously by doing volunteer work. When they Lord opened the door for me to work here, I took it as an opportunity to further my work in His kingdom.

Me:What kind of things do you deal with on a day-to-day basis? What is your typical day like?                                                                                                                                                        Mrs. Folks: Since I work part-time, I am in transition from job 1 to job 2 (which  is working here at Covenant). This usually takes place during lunch time, so I grab  something to eat and then the work begins. The kind of work that I deal with on a typical  daily basis is answering phones, taking care of the kids by administering medication, miscellaneous paper work, etc.

Me: Do you find working here enjoyable and if so, what makes it so enjoyable?                        Mrs. Folks: Yes, I find working at Covenant very enjoyable. I love how we have a Christ-centered atmosphere yet we still have fun! Also being able to work with the other teachers and staff is just a blessing as well as getting to know the kids.

Me: Is is anything that you find difficult about working here and if so, why is it difficult?       Mrs. Folks: The thing that I would consider difficult about working here is being able to multi-task. From trying to answer phones to helping people with problems, it can sometimes get a little crazy but through it all I manage to get it all done and stay sane.

Me: What are the most important skills needed for this type of work?                                       Mrs. Folks: It is very important to be flexible and be able to take care of things as they come. As I stated before, things can sometimes get a little crazy but being able to be flexible helps me to work through it all.

Me: How does this type of work interest you and how did you get started working here?      Mrs. Folks: I have a background in computer programming, so I enjoy working with the computer while doing this type of work. And as I said, I actually got started here through volunteering and had a desire to be more involved. So when this job was available, I took the opportunity.

Me: What are your plans to help better this school?                                                                       Mrs. Folks: I plan to help better this school by playing an active role as much as possible, supporting the vision plan, and also by working at home to help get things done.

Well there you have it, an interview with Mrs. Folks, which is our new administrative assistant this year. We are so thankful for Mrs. Folks working here and sharing her time and energy to help further the lives that she impacts through her work here at Covenant.

Post Written & Edited By: Anisha Dumas

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